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29 Dec 2022

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The base of the phallus (to the east of the phallus feature) there is another feature in the form of a triangle with the tip of the triangle to the west. In this feature plane, there is another feature that depicts three frogs facing all three corner points, surrounded by a ketam (crab) to the south, an eel to the east and a mimi to the north.

Each corner of this triangular plane has a picture (feature) of a lizard. The feature that describes ketam : eel and mimi by K.C.Crucq (10/151-152) and A. J. Bernet Kempers (1/103) is considered a sengkalan, which reads "welut wiku anahut iku" in Pararaton it is stated that "welut" has the value : 3. Wiku = 7 medium crab (ketam) = sahut= 3 and mimi = iku = 1 . so: 1373 C.