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Domestic Flight

Domestic Flight Arrival GUIDE


Arrival Instructions
  1. On arrival at the arrival terminal, follow the "Arrival" instructions to the baggage claim.
  2. To take luggage, check the screen information on the conveyer belt according your flight.
  3. The airline staff will conduct an inspection according to the luggage claim tag.
  4. If the luggage lost, you can contact the airline staff at the Lost and Found counter.
  5. It’s available the trolley facilities in the luggage claim area.
  6. If needed, you can use the services of a porter to help carry baggage, with a tariff of 5.000 IDR/ piece.
  7. Please remember the numbers of your porter officer and report in case things are not expected


Arrival Hall

  • This area reserved for passenger pick-up process after the exit of the arrival terminal.

Pick-up Zone

  • It’s provided for pick-upvehicle to raise passengers and luggage.
  • For you who want to use theTaxi facilities, please visit the official taxi counter in the Public Hall Domestic Arrivals.


Immigration Procedures
  1. Table immigration is divided into sections for Indonesian citizens and visitors.
  2. Visitors entering Indonesia are required to submit the declareform.
  3. Indonesian passport holders are not required to fill out the declareform.
  4. If you are from a country without a free VISA, then you have to pay a fee in accordance with applicable regulations.
  5. Passengers are advised to queue at the immigration desk and prepare travel documents (passport, arrival and other documents). Immigration officers will verify your photo ID and may ask some questions according to screening procedures. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


  • follow the "Arrival" and "Baggage Claim"
  • Check the information screen on the Conveyor Belt to your flight
  • If the lost luggage, you can contact the staff at the airline counter Lost and Found
  • Available facilities trolley in the baggage claim area.
  • If needed, you can use the services of a porter to help carry luggage