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10 Mar 2021

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Boyolali - As many as 110 employees in the PT Angkasa Pura I Adi Soemarmo Airport Wednesday (10/3) injected the Covid-19 Vaccine. Vaccination is carried out at the port health office of the Semarang in the working area of Adi Soemarmo Airport.

“ Employees who inject the Covid-19 Vaccine are Operational Officers from Customer Service, AVSEC, ARFF, AMC and Administration Officers in the Adi Soemarmo Airport environment. We hope that with the Covid-19 Vaccination, Angkasa Pura I officers at Adi Soemarmo Airport can continue to provide services which is excellent for passengers by consistently applying health protocols while on duty,” explained Yani Ajat Hermawan as a General Manager of Adi Soemarmo International Airport.

In the implementation of vaccination there are several stages that must be followed, namely temperature checking, registration and data verification, health screening in the form of blood pressure checking, as well as several questions related to medical history, then injecting the Covid-19 Vaccine and waiting 30 minutes for observation as precautions if there are reactions after Vaccination. During the implementation of the examination stages, everything is carried out by observing health protocols.