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Tourist Guide

Tourist Guide

29 Dec 2022


The mountain, in some traditions and cultures is universally believed to be a center of power and a sacred place that connects humans with gods or ancestors who are considered to have supernatural powers, In the prehistoric tradition of Indonesia, people believe that the spirits of the ancestors are housed on the top of the mountain and are able to affect the welfare and safety of humans in the world. Therefore, the spirits of the ancestors became the hangers of human life. The worship of the...

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29 Dec 2022


The base of the phallus (to the east of the phallus feature) there is another feature in the form...

29 Dec 2022


Another temple that depicts the Megalithic concept in the classical era is Cetha Temple. Based on...

29 Dec 2022


On terrace VII of this temple there are features and phalluses (Phallus) with a western - eastern...

16 Jul 2016

Jumog Waterfall

Jumog waterfall is located in Berjo area, kecamatan Ngargoyoso, Kabupaten Karanganyar. T...

13 Jul 2016

Tawang Mangu

Tawangmangu is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Solo/ Surakarta. Tawangmangu h...

10 Jul 2016

Wayang Orang Sriwedari

Wayang Orang Sriwedari is one art form of Javanese traditional performance, played by pl...