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29 Dec 2022

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On terrace VII of this temple there are features and phalluses (Phallus) with a western - eastern position. At the western end of the phallus it is decorated with four circles (spheres), but at the moment only three appear. On the phallus body, there are other features in the form of a picture of a lizard facing an eel (snake?).

This phallus feature is reminiscent of the finding of the phallus at Sukuh Temple which is now stored in the Jakarta National museum, which is a phallus surrounded by four phallus balls, which according to A.J. Bernet Kempers is considered the symbol of Mount Mahameru.

The difference between the two phalluses lies in the way they are depicted; The phallus of Sukuh Temple is made from one whole stone in a standing position, while the phallus of Cetha Temple consists of several stones arranged horizontally.