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Two People Held Hostage at The Adi Soemarmo Airport

02 Jul 2016

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Boyolali - The grueling ordeal took place around 13.45 Western Indonesian Time in Adi Soemarmo Airport. Three people were successfully apprehended and two others were taken down by bullets. The incident happened when three passengers created commotion and attempted to arson the waiting room lounge at the 3rd floor of Adi Soemarmo Airport, leading to their seize by the officers of Aviation Security.

Nobody suspected that they were a group of insurgents. Knowing their friend was restrained, 2 other terrorists held 2 cafe waitresses as hostage. They let out gunshots for a while and threatened that if their friend is not released, then they will kill the hostages and the airport will be destroyed.

The hostages were then brought into the check in area and were put into an empty room. Numerous counts of shots and threats were heard from the check in area, demanding release of their friend. The officers of Aviation Security requested help from TNI AU to secure and around 15 minutes later the securing team Special Forces Den Bravo from TNI AU tactically tackled the two terrorists and rescued hostages.

It was later then found out that the terrorists had planted a bomb in the cargo area of Adi Soemarmo Airport, to which the officers handed over to the Police Department to handle. It didn’t take long for the Police officers to do a search and discovered the bomb in a detonative state. The Gegana Officers skillfully secure the bomb to make sure everything was safe.

Fortunately, the incident was just a simulation provided by the Adi Soemarmo Airport’s PT. Angkasa Pura I (Persero) in order to improve the ability of the members in doing their security duties, the test was a program of PT. Angkasa Pura I (Persero) to improve and test the coordination function, personnel communication and command both between units and agencies in accordance to their assignments.

“As the airport manager, we must keep committing in fulfilling the basic aspects Safety, Security, Service and Compliance. The security and safety aspect of flights are our priorities. This training was done to test the readiness of the Aviation Security officers in handling threats that may happen in Adi Soemarmo Airport,” said Abdullah Usaman the General Manager of Adi Soemarmo Airport.

“As Manager of airports in the middle and east areas of Indonesia, PT. Angkasa Pura I (Persero) will continue to upgrade our services, guaranteeing the security and safety of flights to the costumers of airport services.”