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30 Sep 2014

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September 27 2014, Departemen Tourism and Culture holds an ceremony for celebrate World Tourism Day that is held at Balaikambang Park Surakarta. The events attended by several institutions and agencies that have a role in the development of tourism, especially in the Surakarta City, including:

1.  Trensportation Community, Tourism

2.  Tourism Police, Departemen of Transportation, Civil service police Unit

3.  Art Community and Culture

4.  Chef Community and Catering Services

5.  Tourism School and several communities that play a role in tourism and culture

In this event, Mr. Abdullah Usman as General Manager PT. Angkasa Pura I branch officer Adi Soemarmo who is appointed as the leader of the ceremony. Apart as the leader of ceremony, Mr. Abdullah Usman Mr. Abdullah Usman, who at that time wore the clothes of the Javanese puppet character, Gatot Kaca, also represents Adi Soemarmo that has an important role for the increase in tourists using the plane route, both from local and international tourists. He also hoped and committed will improve total passengers with added various route flights and will opened will open the path to Jeddah. And hopes with the opened a new path otomatically will improve total for passengers who will comes to Surakarta and around.